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The Crucial Role of Agtech Training

The Crucial Role of Agtech Training

In the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture, farmers are increasingly recognising the transformative potential of agricultural technology (Agtech) to enhance efficiency and productivity. As our farms embrace the digital era, it is crucial for farmers to receive comprehensive training that empowers them to fully leverage the potential of Agtech.

In a recent survey conducted by the NSW Department of Primary Industries' Farms of the Future program, farmers who completed an Agtech training course highlighted the pivotal role that ongoing education plays in seamlessly integrating technology on farm.

The survey, which gathered responses from a diverse group of NSW farmers, revealed a strong desire for more training opportunities. A staggering 57% expressed the need for additional training, indicating a hunger for knowledge and a commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in Agtech.

When asked what they would like more of, farmers consistently emphasised the importance of seeing Agtech in action. Many stressed the need for more demonstrations, showcasing the tangible benefits that others have derived from adopting Agtech solutions.

The survey also brought to light the awareness gap regarding available Agtech solutions. Farmers acknowledged the transformative potential of technology but acknowledged the lack of information available. Field days emerged as a popular solution, providing a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and firsthand exposure to the diverse array of Agtech solutions. Moreover, farmers highlighted their preference for panel sessions featuring local farmers and Agtech suppliers at field days as valuable educational formats. These preferences indicate a desire for practical insights and collaborative discussions, reinforcing the notion that farmers benefit not only from theoretical knowledge but also from shared experiences and perspectives.

The survey also emphasised the Farms of the Future (Fotf) Agtech Catalogue website ( as a valuable resource for farmers. This platform provides farmers with easy access to a wealth of Agtech possibilities with over 1800 products on display, blog articles and training resources.

FoTF Staff, Clare Belfield and Ailie Webb, discussing a mobile dashboard with farmer Tess Herbert.

At AgSmart Connect in March 2024, the Farms of the Future Agtech Hub will serve as a premier destination for exploring training opportunities available through the FoTF program and numerous partners whose products feature in the Agtech Catalogue. Suppliers wishing to join us at AgSmart Connect should email

As Agtech continues to revolutionise agriculture, empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools they need will continue to be a focus of the Farms of the Future program. Visit us at AgSmart Connect plus spend time listening to the presentation of research papers and industry led discussions at this major event.

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