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Four channel 1 watt radio for monitoring and control

Catalogue Number DN200-RN-1WXB

Four channel telemetry unit with 1Watt radio. Supplied with batteries, enclosure, 5.1dB antenna, solar panel and mounts. Can be used for monitoring or control. These units require a gateway for remote connection.

Comments | Variations

Available as a radio or CatM1 device. Requires a gateway for use. 1 Watt transmission range of approx 5km line of site. All radios operate as repeaters. 4 I/O channels for monitoring and/or control. Higher gain antennas for increased transmission distances. Transmission range of 10 - 15km.

Management Category

  • Connectivity Solution

Connectivity Type

  • LoRaWAN
  • Radio

Subscription Required

  • Yes

Installation Options

  • Self Install
  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Mains
  • Solar