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Tru-Test FlexiDraft Mobile 4000C SAT

Catalogue Number 880 0004-673 & 880 0004-665
Original price $32,310.00 - Original price $32,310.00
Original price
$32,310.00 - $32,310.00
Current price $32,310.00

The NEW FlexiDraft 4000C design is fully fabricated and can be deployed with ease. Designed to tow behind any vehicle, it’s easy to move and has flexibility to quickly set up in a ‘walk over weighing’ or ‘walk on 4 foot weighing’ configuration.

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Freight and Subscriptions cost in addition.

Management Category

  • Animal Management

Monitoring Category

  • Weight

Connectivity Type

  • Satellite

Subscription Required

  • Yes

Installation Options

  • Self Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Solar