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Catalogue Number IC12RS-F-FF-WK
Original price $2,340.00 - Original price $2,340.00
Original price
$2,340.00 - $2,340.00
Current price $2,340.00

Logger unit with radio and motor drive for flood gate. Includes Winch and mounting frame for flood gate. This unit pulls the gate up, and relies on gravity to drop it. Not suitable for gates that have to push into water body.

Comments | Variations

Can not take expansion boards. Specify with 0-5amp or 1-25amp motor control card. 2x Programmable and 2x Asynchronous (digital) inputs. Programmable inputs includes 4-20mA, SDI 12, Asynchronous and Modbus with adapter board.

Management Category

  • Water Management

Monitoring Category

  • Irrigation

Connectivity Type

  • Radio

Installation Options

  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Solar