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The Farms of the Future Program

The Agtech Toolbox is an online resource containing a variety of Agtech and connectivity products, supplier information, case studies on Agtech adoption, educational opportunities, informative articles, job openings, and upcoming Agtech events. Farmers can utilise this platform to conduct research and access valuable resources related to agricultural technology and connectivity.

How to use the catalogue? Add selected devices to a favourites list and finalise your selection by exporting a tech list. Instructions

Key steps in using this catalogue: 1. Search suppliers, products, dashboards and connectivity solutions; 2. Add to favourites; 3. Select products you would like to add to your Tech List; 4. Checkout. More detail in "How to use the catalogue"

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How to use the toolbox

Search suppliers, products, dashboards & connectivity solutions to match your needs or monitoring plan.

Click on the heart icon on each product and/or connectivity solutions to add them to your favourites list for future reference.

Select the products you would like to add to your Tech List. Update the quantities required. Ensure required subscriptions & connectivity are selected.

Checkout your Tech List. You will need to login or create an account at this point. Tech Lists will be emailed to you. The Tech List will be saved in your account.

Learn More About the Program

The Farms of the Future program aims to facilitate tech-enabled production and monitoring through improved connectivity and installation of sensor equipment which support increased productivity, competitiveness, job creation and sustainable use of resources in the selected agricultural sectors: Cotton, Livestock (beef & sheep), Grains and Horticulture - tree crops and vines.

Learn More About the Program

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