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Sheep and Goat eID Suppliers

NSW is currently transitioning to mandatory individual electronic identification (eID) for sheep and goats.

Individual electronic identification for sheep and goats is an enhancement to the existing mob-based system as part of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS), and is aimed at enhancing traceability and biosecurity within the livestock industry.
For many livestock owners and producers, the only change will be switching from a visual tag to an eID device. For those sheep and goat owners who may want to maximise the benefits on-farm of eID, purchasing eID equipment could assist with capturing and utilising individual animal data on health, fertility, genetics, weight gain and wool traits, to make more informed management, monitoring and selection decisions.

Below are suppliers who can support with eID equipment and technology solutions for sheep and goat owners.
For more information on the transition to eID for sheep and goats in NSW, visit the website: Sheep and Goat Individual Electronic Identification | Department of Primary Industries (