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ABOUT THE FARMS OF THE FUTURE PROGRAM About the Farms of the Future Program

About the Farms of the Future Program

The Farms of the Future program is dedicated to helping farmers harness the power of technology to boost productivity, stay competitive in the market, and manage resources more efficiently. Our focus includes enhancing digital skills through training programs, promoting the use of IoT devices for better productivity and sustainability, and connecting farmers with the Agtech industry. We assist NSW farmers in collaborating with government programs, industry experts, and suppliers to make Agtech work for you. Our state-wide program runs until June 2028.

    The Farms of the Future program encompasses six main components:

    1. Agtech Education Program
    2. The Agtech Toolbox website, dedicated to showcasing Agtech products, training opportunities, case studies, and events.
    3. Agtech Demonstration Hubs.
    4. Providing support to farmers with DPIRD Development Officers.
    5. Agtech Alley Events.
    6. Using Agtech to address emerging climate challenges.


    Agtech Education Program

    The training courses equip farmers with the knowledge and skills to identify, implement and utilise cost effective Agtech, plus provide an opportunity for farmers to analyse their business needs and farm landscape to develop a Monitoring Plan.

    Agtech Toolbox

    The Agtech Toolbox serves as a platform for Ag IoT devices (Agtech) and on-farm connectivity solutions. Through this online resource, farmers can explore a variety of Agtech products, suppliers, case studies, education opportunities, informative articles, job openings, and upcoming Agtech events.

    Agtech Demonstration Hubs

    Agtech Demonstration Hubs are strategically situated at multiple NSW DPIRD research stations and in partnership with various farms and universities. These hubs serve as live showcases of Agtech in action. Farmers are welcome to visit and witness firsthand how devices function in real farm settings, observe the data collected by these devices, understand how farms utilise this data, and explore the productivity and resource management enhancements facilitated by new Agtech solutions. Our team of Development Officers is available to provide personalised tours of the Agtech Demonstration Hubs for farmers who have completed the Agtech Fundamentals training course.

    Farms of the Future Development Officers

    Our team of Development Officers collaborates with farmers to pinpoint challenges on their farms and explore how Agtech and enhanced connectivity can provide solutions. These Officers also organise visits to the Agtech Demonstration Hubs, participate as speakers at industry workshops, and deliver the “Agtech Fundamentals” and “Agtech in Action” training programs.

    Agtech Alley Events

    Agtech Alley provides a designated space for suppliers at major field days, to exhibit their innovative products and services, facilitating exposure and networking opportunities with a targeted audience of potential customers, investors, partners, and stakeholders. Moreover, these events serve as hubs for knowledge sharing, fostering discussions on the latest trends, advancements, and challenges within the Agtech sector, while also creating a conducive environment for business collaborations, partnerships, and sales.

    Government Support

    Funding: This program is part of the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund.


    Keeping up to date

    If you are interested in the program we strongly encourage you to register your details by clicking here, so that you will receive updates on future events and project activities.