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Blog posts

  • The Crucial Role of Agtech Training
    February 26, 2024 Kim Chandler

    The Crucial Role of Agtech Training

    In the rapidly evolving landscape of agriculture, farmers are increasingly recognising the transformative potential of agricultural technology (Agtech) to enhance efficiency and productivity. As our farms embrace the digital era, it is crucial for farmers to receive comprehensive training that empowers them to fully leverage the potential of Agtech. 
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  • Successful Grant Applicants Announced
    November 24, 2023 Kim Chandler

    Successful Grant Applicants Announced

    We’re excited to share that 375 successful recipients will be receiving a total of $9.7 million in funding through the Farms of the Future grant program. These funds will be utilised to procure approved connectivity solutions and cutting-edge digital Agtech...

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