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AxisTech Pty Ltd

AxisTech Pty Ltd

AxisTech has significant experience in the Agricultural and Food Sector, with a range of clients, projects and collaborators including producers, government, universities, Research and Development Corporations, Grower Groups, individual family, and corporate farming operations and agrifood businesses. AxisTech has developed and supplied Ag IoT devices, on-farm connectivity solutions and dashboards for visualisation and analysis since 2017.

Devices supplied by AxisTech are integrated into AxisStream to provide integrated dashboards and reporting. AxisStream is a comprehensive data ingestion, storage and reuse platform that handles all types of data, and reinforces ownership, possession, and control for its customers.

Data generated from IoT devices are stored in a cloud-based time-series historian data store, that manages big volume data and is scalable to various quantities of data, as required.

AxisTech currently service clients around Australia with an emerging client base in NZ. We are highly focused on customer service and client delivery with a motto of “never leave a client behind”. We create and build solutions to work as programmatically as we can, however we work with a variety of business types and sizes and therefore must utilise exemplary internal training and development processes, along with remote working capabilities to build upon our highly adaptable, capable, and scalable workforce.