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Catalogue Number IC12RS-240-FF
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$940.00 - $940.00
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Logger unit with radio used for sites with 2 x valve/pump control, or sensor like Soil moisture, Dam/tank/channel WL sensors, rain bucket, Vaisala Weather station. Suitable for sites with temperature between 0-45 degrees. Battery recharged by 240v.

Comments | Variations

Can not take expansion boards. If temp <0 >45 use IC12RS-T-FF. Features 2 x 12v DC output, 2x Programmable and 2x Asynchronous (digital) inputs. Programmable inputs includes 4-20mA, SDI 12, Asynchronous and Modbus with adapter board.

Management Category

  • Connectivity Solution
  • Informed Agronomy
  • Water Management

Monitoring Category

  • Level
  • Pump
  • Soil moisture
  • Weather

Installation Options

  • Self Install
  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Mains