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ECS Cambium Networks ePMP Force 180 PtP (pair of units)

Catalogue Number C050900P071A
Original price $460.90 - Original price $460.90
Original price
$460.90 - $460.90
Current price $460.90

The ePMP Force 180 can be configured as a Subscriber Module, Access Point or Backhaul radio. The radio will function as a client to an ePMP GPS Synchronised Radio in either a P-to-MP or P-to-P deployment forming a GPS Synchronised solution.

Comments | Variations

This unit requires either a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector or a powered ethernet switch providing PoE to enable it to operate. It can run off all “Energy Sources” as long as it can receive the 56V DC that it requires to operate.

Management Category

  • Connectivity Solution

Installation Options

  • Self Install
  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Mains
  • Solar