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Switchable Energy Monitoring Package

Catalogue Number RTSEM
Original price $1,368.00 - Original price $1,368.00
Original price
$1,368.00 - $1,368.00
Current price $1,368.00

Monitors 6 single phase or 2 three phase energy circuits. This device is capable of switching circuits on or off from a mobile phone or desktop. Requires additional wiring requirements

Comments | Variations

CTS are additional cost and sized according to circuit load and pre site inspection. Current Transformers (CTs) available ins sizes 60-600amp. Price includes installation by licensed electrician subject to switchboard.

Management Category

  • Asset Management
  • Water Management

Monitoring Category

  • Asset
  • Irrigation

Connectivity Type

  • 3G/4G
  • 5G
  • Wi-Fi

Subscription Required

  • Yes

Installation Options

  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Mains