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SynaptiX Asset Management System (SAMS) Platform

Catalogue Number SAMS
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The SAMS platform provide the user with a dedicated interface to visualise the data from sensors installed on their property. SAMS is cloud based and accessible as a mobile responsive web page on all internet connected devices.

Comments | Variations

The SynaptiX Asset Management System (SAMS) is a dashboard application designed for use with any SynpatiX IoT device and is developed and managed by Novecom Pty Ltd. When deploying a SynaptiX IOT device you have the option to send the field data to SAMS for accessing data and visualisation on any internet connected device.

Management Category

  • Subscriptions

Connectivity Type

  • 3G/4G
  • Cat M1
  • LTE-M
  • Wi-Fi

Installation Options

  • Self Install
  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Mains
  • Solar