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How to save your Tech List to your computer

Website download Tech List
  • Once you complete the “Get my Tech List” function in the catalogue, you will receive an email version of your Techlist.
  • Click the green button – “Download your Tech List” in the email 
  • Some computers will open the Tech List in a new tab and you will automatically see the list.
Saving Tech List
  • If you can see the Tech List, press the down arrow in the top right-hand corner. This will download the Tech List or it may ask you to save the document to a folder. 
  • Select the folder you would like to save the Tech List to and press save.
Save Tech List to computer
If you cannot find your Tech List after downloading it, please: 
  • Open the folder called “Downloads” on your computer. 
  • The Tech List should be the first item in your downloads.
  • Double click the download to view the Tech List. 
  • Press File – Save as – now select the folder you would like to save the Tech List to.
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