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Searching for a product

This website offers extensive filtering to help you locate the Agtech devices, connectivity solutions, dashboards and subscriptions needed to build a Tech List for your property. There are 4 main ways to locate a product.

  1. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search by word

  2. Use the menu – Find Agtech Product
    Search Agtech
  3. Search products available through our Program Partner (supplier) list
  4. Search using the filtering system located on the LHS (left hand side) of each category page
  • Management Category
    Products are divided into 7 farm management categories. Animal Management, Asset Management, Connectivity Solutions, Dashboards, Informed Agronomy, Subscriptions and Water Management. When you select a category, sub-categories (monitoring categories) will be available to choose from.
  • Filters
    Each category and monitoring page has a detailed filtering system listed on the LHS. Click on the filtering to narrow down your search by:
    . Monitoring category
    . Connectivity Type
    . Installation Options
    . Energy Source
    . LGA supported
    . Subscription

Image of Product

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