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How to create a Tech List

A Tech List is a list of Agtech devices, connectivity solutions and integration products from the Agtech Catalogue that will fulfill the monitoring needs outlined in the monitoring plan.

It is possible for you to develop multiple tech lists, save and edit them (add or remove products).  It is your choice which one you submit in association with your farms monitoring plan. The Farms of the Future team encourages you to take your time and carefully generate a full comprehensive Agtech list that matches your farms monitoring plan.  The Agtech catalogue has been designed as a tool for you to use over multiple sessions while developing your farms monitoring plan.

To add a product to your Tech List, click the ‘Add to Tech List” button on a product page.

Alternatively, on the favourites page, you can add products to your Tech List.

To access your Tech List, click on the shopping bag at the top of the website 

Once on the Tech List page, you can update product quantities or remove items from the Tech List.

All Tech Lists are emailed to you when they are created and the checkout process is completed.  

  • Save your Tech List to your computer when you receive the email.
  • Upload to the Canvas portal as part of the training program.

All saved Tech Lists are stored in the My Account page. These can be downloaded at any stage.

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