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Stacey Lugsdin

After struggling through the heartbreaking Millennium drought Stacey Lugsdin knew she had to act to save their country. Stacey has since adapted their system through a combination of infrastructure improvements, revegetation, and genetic improvements. By utilising ASBVs (Australian Sheep Breeding Values) and precision management practices the Lugsdins now run fewer but better quality stock. They select rams with with good wool cut, carcase traits, and visceral fat. Every 2 years collection of their lamb drop's genetic profile serves as a powerful decision making resource for ongoing genetic selection. Productivity has jumped with increased wool cut, better quality wool, and a greater number of lambs weaned all while not being so tough on their country. They've also established several revegetation paddocks to preserve, rehabilitate and build resilience of their farmscape. Sandhills have been saved from wind erosion by seeding with a mix of native shrubs, fencing and destocking. They have seen their country bounces back much quicker after drier times.

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