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Bruce Maynard

A farming practice that lowers costs, reduces inputs and risks, while at the same time improves yield, landscape function and biodiversity. Sounds too good to be true? Bruce Maynard has achieved this by taking a holistic approach to his mixed farming property Willydah. Developing and testing these systems does not occur overnight, and Bruce has spent nearly 3 decades of research, learning and experimenting to get to where he is now. As a 4th generation farmer, Bruce values prior wisdom but acknowledges that changes in the environment and climate require farmers to develop new systems that are fundamentally different from conventional practices. His belief that farming practices should be congruent with landscape and natural functions encouraged him to create, Self Herding and No Kill Cropping. Implementing these practices he has observed an increase diversity, improve carbon storage and result in greater biomass. Dry sowing, minimisation of soil disturbance, grazing management and exclusion of herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers has made this possible. Be motivated by Bruce's forward thinking and see how his innovative approach has created a profitable production system, while slashing inputs and risk.

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