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BioScout is an Australian agricultural company who have developed a system that allows for real-time detection and tracking of airborne plant diseases that attack horticultural, viticultural and broadacre crops. BioScout was founded by a passionate group of scientists and engineers from the University of Sydney

BioScout's system consists of a sampling device that collects airborne fungal pathogens, an automated analyser and a disease mapping dashboard. This informs growers and agronomists of threats to their crop up to 2 weeks before current methods and enables them to apply the right prevention methods before crop loss occurs. This allows for more specific & targeted fungicide spraying and also provides greater insights into crop-associated biodiversity.

  • SporeScout

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    BioScout allows for real-time detection and management of airborne diseases that attack crops. The system identifies actual pathogens in the air an...

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