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Gallagher Australia Pty Ltd

Gallagher Australia Pty Ltd

What we do
We lead the market in electric fencing, weighing and electronic identification (EID), data collection, and wireless water monitoring systems. Before we entered the animal management business, we were farmers. It was a typical farmer’s approach to solving farm problems that helped us lead the world into the electric fencing age.

Today we’re an internationally successful company, known and respected in over one hundred countries with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America, Chile, and South Africa. We’ve continued with ground-breaking and inspirational technology that has been the hallmark of the Gallagher brand since its inception. What began as a visionary alternative to the conventional fencing of the day has grown into technologically superior, highly intelligent, and fully integrated animal management systems.

Now a global leader in innovation, we invest 15% of our profits in research and development and strive for excellence through continuous improvement. We are committed to outstanding quality.