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Goanna Ag

Goanna Ag

Managing your farming operation requires multiple decisions every day. Each of these decisions combine to impact on the performance of your business. At Goanna Ag, we help our clients make these decisions with greater confidence and precision by providing insights created from a range of sensors deployed across your farm. Whilst we have a particular focus on irrigation and water management, our solutions are equally valuable in cropping and livestock systems.

Over the past 17 years of doing this, we have learned a lot. We have invested in more robust and reliable devices, in employing regional field staff, in better connectivity and more generally, providing you with ongoing.

Importantly, as you will see in the Catalogue, where a device requires installation, we have included that in our price. This approach provides you with full transparency, along with the confidence of knowing we are only a phone call away for any ongoing support you may need.

Like every investment you make, you should expect to see a return on that investment and Goanna Ag are all about delivering you genuine and consistent value. With thousands of devices on farms across Australia and years of on farm experience, we look forward to working with you to unlock the power of Smarter Farming for the Future.