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Rubicon Water/FarmConnect

FarmConnect is an all-in-one irrigation automation solution to enhance on-farm irrigation operations. Benefits include reduced labour requirements, improved yields and increased water efficiencies/productivity by using robust hardware that is fit for purpose.

Transform manual irrigation practices by installing automated actuators on existing gates or valves. Water advance sensors and integrated water level sensors measure water height in-field that can trigger gate open/close control, Soil Moisture probes, Weather Stations featuring real-time, site-specific ETo, Pump control and water use monitoring allow precise and accurate use of water with analytics that gives growers meaningful insights into where and how much water is being applied. Actuators and in-field sensors communicate over a private LoRa network for remote control and monitoring of devices.

FarmConnect leverages the technologies within Rubicon’s proven off-farm solutions to deliver innovative solutions on-farm, allowing growers to accurately schedule and execute irrigations, analyse field data and interpret real-time conditions from almost anywhere.

Introducing the Internet of Agriculture™ to your farm