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SMP Package 120cm CAPEX

Catalogue Number POR-PKG-SMP120-CAPX
Original price $3,995.00 - Original price $3,995.00
Original price
$3,995.00 - $3,995.00
Current price $3,995.00

SMP (Soil Moisture Probe) Package - Capital Purchase.
EnviroPro 120cm capacitance probe, 5m cable & connector.
Hyquest Rain Gauge.
Wildeye telemetry unit, solar, high gain antenna.
Incl. mounting hardware.
Excl. install.

Comments | Variations

Add 1 x Subscription (POR-SUB-PKG-SMP) per SMP. Recommend professional "supplier install" to ensure sensor accuracy, representativity, longevity (POR-TRAVEL, 4 x POR-LABOUR). Customise your monitoring site with "Add-on" sensors (POR-ADD-xxx).

Management Category

  • Informed Agronomy

Monitoring Category

  • Soil moisture

Connectivity Type

  • 3G/4G
  • Cat M1
  • LTE-M
  • NB-IoT

Subscription Required

  • Yes

Installation Options

  • Supplier Install

Energy Source

  • Battery
  • Solar

LGA Supported

  • Cabonne
  • Moree Plains
  • Narrabri
  • Orange