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OneWiFi & Infrastructure is Australia’s leading end-to-end Smart City and IoT solutions provider that brings together best-of-breed Smart applications developed in-house and also via a number of strategic solution partners.

Established in 2012, we are currently delivering best-in-class smart applications, IoT and analytics services to over 1,200 locations and deployed over 600 sensors across Australia.

OneWiFi brings a strong pedigree in Smart City and IoT, with deep expertise in Smart applications and analytics, etc. The solutions are well proven in the Australian context, with real life cases and in the case of the IoT platform - the use of it in critical applications.

OneWiFi has delivered numerous Smart Communication solutions, specifically, LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi network, across regional Australia. Some of the solutions are powered by renewable energy systems due to lack of access to power. We have also successfully delivered IoT applications that address most of the use cases in this EOI and fully operational in Australia.

We are a member of the Australian Smart Community Association (ASCA), a New Development Marketplace Partner of NBN Co for Smart City and IoT solutions, and one of the successful organisations to participate in the Western Sydney Parkland Smart City Pilot.