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Justin and Pip Jarrett

Be inspired by how Pip and Justin Jarrett, co-owners of See Saw Wines, have embraced the challenge of change and are taking action to make their business more climate resilient. The Jarrett's have addressed the lack of rain by reducing water usage by increasing soil carbon. They mapped the whole farm for carbon soils in 2009 and have since been implementing measures to increase levels through grazing, compost, removal of chemicals, and maintaining ground cover. In the drought of 2019-2020, they made the difficult decision to remove 30 hectares of vineyard to take the pressure off the water supply and future-proof their vineyard. They have also focused on new varieties of plants that are more resilient to warmer and drier conditions. Watch this video to see how these changes have given the Jarrett's a sense of security knowing that they are creating a more adaptable and resilient business.

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